10 Steps To Overcome Being Undisciplined

The brave woman takes ownership of the areas of undiscipline in her life.” Angela Thomas- Brave, Honest Questions Woman Ask

When’s the last time you actually admitted you were undisciplined? Who really wants to admit something like that anyway? I certainly don’t but it’s true, I’m undisciplined. Not in every area of life but certainly in more areas than I’d like to admit. I’m undisciplined in writing this blog, exercising and cleaning just to name a few areas. I wish I could tell you I was Ms. Discipline got it all together girl, but the truth is I’m still trying to figure life out with a third child in the house, homeschooling and just handling the every day matters of life. However, I’m determined that this year I will get my act together and actually see some change in the areas where I am undisciplined and this is how. I’m going to follow some of the suggestions  from John MacArthur’s book “The Pillars of Christian Character.” If you’d like to join me in this challenge, feel free to take these suggestions and apply them in your own life.

  1. Start with small things.- Clean out the fridge or your closet. When that is done, take a plastic grocery bag and go clean out the trash from your car, or go pull a bag of weeds from your front flower bed. So far the fridge and my closet have benefited from this simple truth.
  2. Get organized. – I’ve started with organizing the closets and my calendar.
  3. Stop seeking to be entertained. - I’d love to just be on Facebook, Twitter or reading another great book, but let’s face it nothing much gets physically accomplished while your surfing the internet and some days you need to do the hard thing and start picking up stuff and dealing with the messes.
  4. Be on time. Try to arrive at least 5 minutes early instead of 5 minutes late. You’ll be a lot less stressed out when you arrive and better able to enjoy and engage in the service, class or program your attending.
  5. Keep your  word. If we say we’re going to do something then lets do it. Like it says in Matthew 5:37 “Simply let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes’ and your ‘No,’ ‘No.’
  6. Do the most difficult thing first. – Pick the one thing you’ve been dreading the most and do it. For me it’s organizing all the paperwork sitting in a pile on my desk.
  7. Finish what you start. – If I start folding all the laundry or going through all the paperwork, then I’m determined to finish instead of walk away and tell myself “I’ll just do it later.”
  8. Accept Correction – I particularly like how The Message Bible says it in Proverbs 15:31-32 “ 31 Listen to good advice if you want to live well, an honored guest among wise men and women. 32 An undisciplined, self-willed life is puny; an obedient, God-willed life is spacious.”
  9. Practice self-denial. – Choose to NOT eat that ice cream bar just because the kids are having one. Instead of sitting in the driveway watching the kids run around and ride bikes, get up and ride bikes with them and have a race with them. Deny your backside the privilege of getting larger and get up and move.
  10. Welcome responsibility. – Accept the fact that life is full of responsibility and stop looking for someone else to take care of your mess. It’s no one else s fault my closets or garage are unorganized. So I’m accepting the fact that responsibility is really the only way to grow and mature and not to mention get things done.

So if your like me and undisciplined in more than one area of your life, I hope these suggestions help a little. If you have any others you’d like to add feel free to let me know in a comment. I’d love to hear what ways of disciplining yourself has changed your life.


admin10 Steps To Overcome Being Undisciplined


  1. Jennifer

    OHHH Girl! This is awesome!!! I need to go on this journey myself…So many areas that I struggle with discipline….starting with the laundry! :)

  2. Ann Billo

    (As you know) you sound just like me! It’s not that I don’t know what needs to be done, I just don’t like making myself (and often my kids) do it. I have to make the effort every day to do (and put away) at least two loads of laundry, unload (and reload) the dishwasher, shine my sink ;) , and maybe even clean something. With 7 of us in the house, it gets away from me faster than I admit. Last night, you would have thought James had sat with us in the park because with no prompting from me, he cleaned up all the little clutter piles that had collected in our bedroom. Where did that come from? I don’t know, but I was thankful for the peace it brought back into our sanctuary. I think sometimes the key is just to get sick of our mess and do it… and then pray that this time it sticks! OK – I’m done with the bad habits of #3 and #9 and I’m going to get dressed to shoes and start my day!

  3. TraceurJames

    Nice post, I really agree that discipline is so important to being happy. For most of my life (until I was about 17) I was very undisciplined. I had few hobbies or goals, never did homework etc. Then I changed all that, and I had never been happier. I started practicing a new sport which taught me the value of discipline, and I applied it to every aspect of my life that I could think of. Since then injuries have kept me from my practice and over the years a bunch of other things have gone wrong, and this lifestyle has disappeared. I have spent the last couple of years not doing much but indulging and feeling sorry for myself. But now the time has come to regain my discipline and some morals. I hope that doing this will allow me to be proud of myself again, even if I am struggling with things.
    Thanks for the post :)

  4. Author

    It’s always challenging to implement discipline in our lives but the rewards are always great. I don’t know why we believe a lie so quickly instead of realizing if we would just be faithful in the small things then the big things wouldn’t be so difficult and we really would be rewarded for our efforts. I have not arrived in the discipline department but I’m on my way. Praying for success for you as well. It’s a journey but keep persevering and don’t give up yet!

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